FastFit52: My new year-long health & fitness program

I’ve been getting a ton of questions regarding FastFit52, my NEW year-long health & fitness program beginning Monday, October 1st! I figured I would share all the details in this new blog post, so you can really get acquainted with what the program is about and how you can get started! FastFit52 is year-long health & fitness program designed to completely change the way […]

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Full Body Dumbbell Workout

I love strength training with dumbbells. You can do so much with them, performing an entire full body workout with just one set. If you have a set of dumbbells at home, you can easily do this workout on your own. So this week I’m sharing one of my new favorite workouts, incorporating some of my go-to strength training exercises! And better yet, this […]

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DAY TWELVE: 12 Days of Fitness

Congratulations! You’re one workout away from completing the entire 12 Days of Fitness holiday workout challenge! I’m so glad you decided to join me along the way. Let’s get it done! You can choose to follow along with the workout above, or download and save it as a PDF here: BAKER’S DOZEN PDF. All exercises have been saved for you on my YouTube channel, and are referenced […]

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