20 min. BOSU Balance Challenge

BOSU balls are a fantastic way to challenge your balance & coordination while building strength!

BOSUs are great for core work, but they can be used for so much more than that. This 20 minute BOSU Balance Challenge aims to show you just how versatile this piece of equipment can be.

You can use the BOSU with the ball side up, or with the ball side down. This workout uses both to get you fully acquainted with how it can be used.

If you’re having a hard time balancing on the BOSU, try slowing your movements down. Often when we move too quickly, we can become thrown off balance. Take your time & build up your tolerance to this unstable environment. The more you use a BOSU, the easier it gets!

Watch this video to see each exercise performed according to the workout below.

Complete the following exercises on the BOSU 4 times through for a kick-butt full body workout!


Complete the following circuit 4x:

Push Ups x10
Alt. Bicep Curls x10 ea.
L Raises x10 ea.
Shoulder Press x10
DB Squats x10
DB Bulgarian Split Squats x10 ea.
Plank with Alt. Rear Leg Raises x10 ea.
Elbow Plank (Hold) x30 seconds

For reference: This workout takes me just over 20 minutes to complete!