Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

A few months ago I discovered how to make the perfect hard boiled eggs: easy to peel and pretty darn foolproof. You can use this same method for soft boiled eggs as well (and anywhere in between). The secret is to steam them!

Whenever I’ve made hard boiled eggs in the past, I get frustrated after spending way too much time peeling them, and I’m always left with mangled eggs that were ¾ the size they were originally. No thanks! I’ll pass.

After doing an embarrassingly obnoxious amount of research, I decided to try the steaming method. I was surprised with the end result: they were perfect! The next time around I tried my hand at making soft boiled eggs (something I hadn’t dared tried in the past) and shockingly, they turned out just the way they should.

Since then, I have been making big batches of hard boiled eggs for healthy snacks and/or breakfast throughout the week. I pair a few with a banana, a slice of whole wheat toast and a coffee and I’m good to go: protein, carbs, fats and a caffeine kick all rolled into one.

After posting a few pictures on instagram, quite a few people starting asking me how I make my eggs. I figured it was time to share how I steam them!

How to make perfect, easy-to-peel hard or soft boiled eggs:

What you’ll need: A pot with a steaming basket and lid, a medium sized bowl, eggs, ice & water.

  • Step one: Boil a pot of water. The water level should be just about an inch below the basket once it’s all set up.
  • Step two: Once water is boiling, place however many eggs you would like in the basket (just make sure it’s only one layer; you shouldn’t stack eggs on top of each other). Usually I can fit 6-8 in the basket easily. Cover it with a lid.
  • Step three: Set your timer for 6 minutes for soft boiled eggs or 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs.
  • Step four: Fill your bowl with ice & cold water. Once the timer goes off, take the eggs gently from the steaming basket and place them in the ice water. This will prevent them from continuing to cook.
  • Step five: Once cold, dry them off and immediately enjoy or refrigerate them to eat later.

That’s it! Super simple & easy to do. I like this method the most because it’s a super low maintenance method of cooking (I can set it & forget it until my timer goes off). Plus it yields awesome results!

Let me know how it goes for you!