Processed Foods

Ever get confused on how to tell if a food is highly processed? Curious about why processed foods are bad for you in the first place? Want to know what you should be eating instead? I’ve got you covered. Watch the video below and/or read my recap, then comment with any questions or comments! I love to hear from you! Recap: In this video, […]

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5 Common Mental Barriers to Living a Healthier Lifestyle & How to Overcome Them

“I get so overwhelmed with all of the information out there regarding weight loss! I don’t know what to focus on.” “I’m afraid if I really commit myself to living a healthier, happier lifestyle, I’ll fail.” “I really want to lose weight, but I feel stuck.” “I’m worried I won’t achieve my goals in the time frame I have in mind and then I’ll […]

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How to Read a Nutrition Label

Nutrition labels can be downright confusing. What does all of that information even mean? What should I be focusing on? How does this relate to my diet as a whole? And what does it tell me about the quality of the food I am eating? In today’s video, I chat a bit about what I look at when reading nutrition labels, in hopes that […]

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