The Ever-Elusive Swimsuit Body

It’s that time of year again – that time of year when I start getting asked for help from people looking to get a “swimsuit body” ASAP.

As a trainer, this is a “normal” request. As someone who has dealt with body image issues for years, it hurts my heart. The fact that it is such a “normal” request sheds light on how much societal standards impacts our lives and our own relationships with our bodies.

With that in mind, I want you to do me a favor.

I want you to consider this: What does “getting a swimsuit body” even mean?

Because here’s what it means to me:

You have a body. You put on a swimsuit. BAM! You’ve got a swimsuit body.

We are all worthy of a swimsuit. We don’t have to wait a month until we “slim down” or lose 15 lbs in a week to feel worthy.

The notion of a “swimsuit body” is literally one created by society to shatter your confidence and make you feel like you NEED something you don’t already have to be happy.

Obviously, health & fitness is what I do. It’s what I live for. I want to help my clients live their healthiest, happiest lives. But my goal is different.

My goal is to show you that you already have everything you need to be happy. You are already worthy. It shouldn’t be about blame, shame & guilt.

It breaks my heart when I have clients who come to me and tell me they are ashamed of being seen – of being in a swimsuit, of speaking up in a crowded room, of taking up space in the gym. It makes me feel awful when I hear that people are being taught to HIDE who they are because society tells them they aren’t enough.

I know this feeling all too well, because I’ve dealt with it myself for years.

I’ve spent hours standing in dressing rooms trying on dresses, jeans, swimsuits, bras – you name it – thinking, “my body isn’t good enough for this piece of clothing.” I’ve focused on every single bulge, every single “imperfection.” I’ve turned beautiful curves into ugly pouches of fat in my mind, simply because I tried on something that didn’t fit right. I’ve beat myself up for not fitting into a piece of clothing that, in reality, wasn’t meant for my body shape or was poorly made.

During that time, what I didn’t know (and what I needed so desperately to understand) is that nothing was actually wrong with me. What is really wrong is: the clothes that were made without curves in mind, society that forces images of “ideal” bodies onto us, and the idea that attaining perfection is realistic. Instead I focused on my imperfections. I blamed myself. I felt shame, and guilt, and I beat myself up.

But not anymore. That’s not the kind of life I want for myself, and that’s not what I want for my clients.

I want to empower you. I want to show you how approachable health & fitness can really be. My goal is to help you shine bright, show up as you are, and become an even more badass version of YOU. Not a watered-down, society-approved version.

So in case you need to hear it as much as I have in the past, know this: you are already enough. As much as society would tell you different, there is nothing wrong with you.

And please don’t feel like knowing your worth means that you can’t also strive for progress and growth. These two are not mutually exclusive.

You can want to get stronger, eat healthier, work on your mental health and also be proud of who you are in this moment. You’ve come a long way. You’re beautiful and talented. You’ve done a lot of amazing things. Remember that.

Be proud, and keep killin’ the game.


P.S. Mid-March I’m launching a Spring Break Challenge – with a twist. This is a health & fitness challenge (of course) but one designed to: help you feel strong, uncover your best self & learn new ways to treat yourself right, first and foremost. So what do you say? Are you in? Sign up here.