PB&J Smoothie

Happy Monday! This morning I woke up refreshed and excited for the week. I’m not going to lie, usually Monday mornings are a bit of a struggle. But today I woke up with plenty of time to pack a healthy lunch, get my bag ready for the gym, and make an awesomely delicious smoothie for breakfast. This smoothie is filling and healthy – and reminiscent of a PB&J. Plus, I love any smoothie that allows me to pack in as many greens as I want. Hopefully you will enjoy it, too!

PB&J Smoothie

1 cup Frozen mixed berries

2 heaping spoonfuls Greek Yogurt

2 heaping spoonfuls Organic Peanut Butter

1 spoonful Chia seeds

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

1 handful spinach


Add all ingredients into your blender, add milk until you get to your desired consistency. Blend until smooth.

Now I am off to enjoy my coffee and a new book before heading to work.

Cheers to a fantastic week!

PB&J Smoothie Ingredients

Mixed Berries

PB&J Smoothie 3

Spinach in Smoothie

Milk into Smoothie

PB&J Smoothie 2

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