HEALTHY RECIPES: I am a big believer that eating healthy shouldn’t be so darn difficult. For that reason, all of my recipes are simple, approachable, healthy & delicious! They don’t require you to be a culinary expert, nor will they take you hours to make. I am a huge smoothie fan, but you will find plenty of other meals here as well. A few of my clients’ favorites include my Protein Pancakes, Peanut Butter Nice Cream, Greek Salad and Protein-Packed Snack Balls. Find these and so many more quick, easy & healthy recipes here.

ALL ABOUT NUTRITION: When it comes to nutrition, I want you to stop being so darn critical of yourself when you don’t eat perfectly. Instead, I want you to become the detective. I want to help you figure out how you can make your diet & nutrition work for you. I am not a fan of cheat meals. I’m not a fan of processed foods. I choose purposeful indulgences instead, and eat whole foods as much as possible. That tends to be my focus. But I also know that a lot of the work we do to create healthier, happier lives is done by building healthy habits and kicking bad ones to the curb. It’s about shifting your mindset so you can make healthy eating work for you, and do so in a way that doesn’t take up so much of your mental space.

Essentially, my goal is to educate my clients and readers with quality information, and give them no non-sense tools they can use to build healthy habits that last a lifetime! Let’s talk all about nutrition here.